Geographical information Southafrica and other facts abotu SA

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Location and characteristics:

Hemisphere - Southern Hemisphere

Continent - Africa

Latitude: 25' 43' South

Longitude: 28'11' East

Climate: mostly semiarid; subtropical along east coast; sunny days, cool nights

Customs: One of the most important rituals is the ceremony of manhood. Men between the ages of 18 and 22 are sent away to attend circumcision school, Wela. They are sent away for a three month period, they learn to become stronger, and bond with those that are there with them.

The distinct differences in each area is the dress. Each tribe dresses differently, or the different tribes will have one thing that the people wear that are different from the other tribes. Such as a neck brace.

Primary uses of the landscape is tourism and living. The landscape is used for game parks and safaris. It is also used by inhabitants to live on.

South Africa has an abundant supply of natural resources.

The environment has influenced their lives in many ways. Many tribes are secluded from others due to the landscape. They then live usually in solitude and have to create a simpler way of living. Most people live in Johannesburg and/or Victoria, which is inland. It is a more popular area because it is more technologically advanced compared to the rest of the country. Hand made items and accessories are able to be found in those cities, however the smaller areas outside, such as where tribes live, don't have many conveniences, mostly just necessities to live.

There are many different cultures in South Africa that blend together. The people there come from different upbringings and surroundings. The tribes, the people in the cities, and the people that live in the suburbs all have different lifestyles. They have a more laid back lifestyle then that of the people in more...