Geographical Issues: Air Quality Report

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Intro: Air quality investigates the level of contamination and cleanliness throughout the atmosphere of the earth. When the process of industrialization and urbanization started, there were few who realised its effects, and how it impacted on our air quality today. Major factories and industrial sites burnt fossil fuels and emitted unfriendly substances, and still do, all over the world. This process of Air pollution and the contamination of the atmosphere has been pushed to such an extent that it has lead to the belief that the air pollution has dramatically effected and impacted on Major cities and large urban areas, and a lot of people would consider these locations unsustainable for human lifestyle and welfare.

Nature: The air quality in which we live can largely effect us in certain ways, and have significant impacts on our health. Although Sydney is considered an area of fairly good air quality in comparison to other major cities, it can still be effected in the following ways:As Sydney is basin-shaped, with the great dividing range to the west and the costal highlands to the south and north, it is the perfect place for disastrous air pollution conditions.

A few factors contribute towards this: when an easterly wind hit's Sydney, the weather is hot and humid, and emissions and pollutants are at a high, Photochemical smog is formed from the chemical reactions of the sun and other pollutants floating around, and in turn causes a thick haze that results in health problems and poor visibility. When there is photochemical smog present, the only way it will recede is if there is a cool snap in the weather, or there is a westerly wind. A westerly wind is necessary to push the photochemical smog out of Sydney basin, and relieve the urban areas of their...