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When you and me think about a Rural area the first thing that comes to our minds would be Villages, Friendly, Safe, Boring, Farming etc, but in most cases this is not true anymore so therefore that's why I think it's is very hard to define a rural area. The definitions of "rural areas" vary, different groups use different criteria to define a rural area around the world.

There are four main ways of defining rural areas, which are: Settlement size Regional context An index of rurally Land use I'm going to use the four main ways of describing a rural area these are shown above.

Settlement size Settlement size basically means "˜population' it's believed that even the different governments cannot agree on what is really meant by "˜rural' population.

Different governments think different things to what is rural population, showing it is impossible to define a rural area by just looking at the area population.

UK's definition on rural is that an area is defined as a rural area if the settlement size of the area is less or equal to 10,000 meaning 20% of UK's population live in rural areas.

In Italy and Spain the same definition is used as in the UK and they say any population of more than 10,000 people in an area is known as an urban area.

In France the population threshold of an rural settlement is less then 2000 In Denmark and Sweden the threshold of an area is only 200 inhabitants.

The United Nations defines an area as a rural area if the settlement is less than 20,000.

Looking at the facts above it is lead to believe that different government have different policies. This means that we are going to be confused until there is only one rule that defines...