Geography in Ancient History.

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Throughout history, geography played a huge important part in the development of numerous civilizations. During ancient times many early civilizations settled along side river valleys because of the great rewards that were found in the rivers. Such successful civilizations included the ancient Egyptians who settled around the great Nile River, which today is the largest river ever known to man. The Egyptians greatly appreciated everything that the Nile River gave to them, from the yearly flooding, to the establishment of their religion. This silt that was left behind was used tremendously in the area of farming. Since Egypt had great fertile soil, they were able to grow crops such as wheat and barley. As Egypt grew more and more crops, they had surplus and gradually slipped away from subsistence farming. As subsistence farming decreased, it opened up the opportunity to do other jobs.

Probably the most vital geography event that the Nile River gave to the ancient Egyptians was the yearly flooding.

The yearly flooding of the Nile had many positive effects to the Egyptians. For example, as the waters of the Nile River hit the flatlands in the river valley, there were layers of silt left behind.