Geography Essay on Tasmania, Australia. Essay includes details about landforms, a native animal, a native plant, 2 major cities of Tasmania

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Geography Assignment on Tasmania

Some Major landforms of Tasmania are Cradle Mountain and Lake Pedder. These are being preserved by having waste disposal bins in the area and some areas are forbidden from the public so they can rehabilitate. There is also a ghost tour at Port Arthur. Port Arthur used to be a convict Settlement.

Port Arthur is officially Tasmania's number one tourist attraction, and no visit to the state is complete without seeing it. Port Arthur is a 90 minute drive from Hobart. It was established as a convict settlement and soon became Australia's largest, in operation from the 1830 until 1877. Guides interact with visitors, and although there are static displays, visitors are encouraged to explore various features of the ruins, helping to give them a sense of what life was like in 19th century Port Arthur.

The penitentiary can be toured, as can the model prison, where convicts were forbidden to talk or set eyes upon each other.

The ruins of the church are also in the Port Arthur Historic Site.

The Historic Ghost Tour is one of the most popular activities in the Port Arthur Region. There are no tricks or gimmicks involved. This is the real deal. To see the Port Arthur Historic Site in a whole new light, join an eerie lantern lit walk around the spectacular ruins and buildings at night. There's no better setting for the spine-chilling tales you will hear. Real accounts of frightening and mysterious happenings, by people such as judges and reverends as well as visitors and staff, have been documented at Port Arthur from the convict period until the present. You'll guide's gripping narration of reported ghost sightings and unexplained occurrences.

Tasmania is also known for its big surf spots. Early 2000 Line Up Surf Australia organised...