Geography still matters in a global world, Critically discuss.

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Geography still matters in a global world, Critically discuss.

Globalization exist because of the local processes. In reality we need to understand the physical arrangements of places around the world. We also need to understand the social process and economic processes of different places and the affect it had on globalization. It is obvious that Entrepreneur's and capitalist are trying to organized the world that would suit for the production of their goods, but unfortunately some local people and places are not getting the benefit.

Consideration has to be taken on local characteristics (difference and commonality), the impact of globalization of a certain city like Sydney, the impact of migration in Sydney, what global diversity in regards to production and consumption, what is globalization mean for Bhutan, the difference and commonality of being poor, what do the slums of India tell us about differences between places.

Some of the local characteristics that affect the global are 1.

Tax regulations 2. Labour regulations 2. Foreign investment rule. levels. Some countries are prepared to lower down their tax rates for investors to gain access to their production processes , but some countries in the First world the loss of manufacturing jobs led deregulation of the labor market and with regards to foreign investment rule some countries are enforcing less strict guidelines and policy , however in some countries and local places does not have full access with education, so they are not able to participate in the global market especially with the growing service industry.

The impact of globalization in Sydney was astounding, suddenly we have an influx of new millionaires and housing prices were beyond reach for those middle class Australian. There some sense that they are losing their egalitarianism, however many people felt is the good of...