Geopolitics, Imperialism & the New World War on Iraq.

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There is much talk today about a "new imperialism" being promoted by financial capital and multinational corporations. To understand this we have to go back for the last few decades, in fact since Second World War where the US assumed out of self interest responsibilities for the welfare of the capitalist system. US and its allies have safeguarded its interest not through conquest but through economic domination. Observers over the decades have called it new form imperialism. A new form of imperialism in which a few nations have taken the responsibilities to save guard their self interest and the interest of other nations by safeguarding the capitalists system which they have adopted. It can be added here that organization like the UN that came into existence after the second world war were for the welfare, safe guard of the nations and the world order. The attack of 9/11 on US soil and threat of attacks on US and other nations by use of chemical and other weapons of mass destruction has lead to unrest in the world system.

The attack of 9/11 has given birth to a new breed of terrorism in the world. Terrorists so well organized, backed and funded by powerful groups, religious communities, and even states, they have ideologies so extreme that to confront them one has to be prepared beforehand. To stop this kind of adventurism a new kind of world order has been created. And attack by US and its allies on Afghanistan followed by Iraq have been dubbed as new form of imperialism, with an aim to dismantle the destructive potential and threat to world order. The attack on such nations by US and allies without full UN support gives it imperialistic character - not approved by many nations. The attack on Iraq is...