George "Babe" Ruth.

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This essay is about the history and the life of one of the best baseball players: Babe Ruth. The Essay tells about his early life as a child growing up to when he was discovered and went into the baseball league. It then finsihes with his death and how he will be remembered.

Babe Ruth, he has become the perfect legend. Millions revere him, and for thousands of young boys, like the ones from the movie "The Sandlot," he goes above and beyond any other person in history. He ruled baseball at a time when baseball was king. In the middle of the Twenties' he became much more then a beloved athlete, he reached the status of a god in baseball.

George Herman Ruth was born in a poor family. He lived above a saloon where his father worked. It was near a waterfront. He was a self proclaimed, bad kid.

Both parents were hard at work, and neither had time to supervise him, so his seven-year-old attention quickly turned to petty stealing, and tobacco chewing. His father, being fed up with his behavior sent him to St. Mary's Industrial School, which was a school for delinquents and unwanted children. He there met the man who would shape him into the man who stood before you on the baseball diamond, Brother Matthias. Brother Matthias was a huge man. He could hold a bat in one hand and hit towering fly balls into the deep outfield, so Babe Ruth could practice. Matthias made Ruth straighten up, and become a man. With Matthias's help, Ruth regularly played on teams of boys that were four years his superior. Matthias is the man responsible for The Babe, The Bambino, The Home Run King, The Circuit Smasher, The King of Clout, The Sultan of Swat;...