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Campaigns invite the proposition of many grandiose promises by politicians. I feel it is safe to accuse yourself and your opponent of these larger than life promises. As a citizen of the United States, I believe it is not only my rite to question the government, but more important, my duty.

Your campaign included many steps to improve our nations military. I have faith in those who serve our nation. These men and women have never failed us wherever there is honor to be earned, or interests defended. However, even the highest morale is eventually ruined by multiple deployments, poor wages, and shortages of equipment.

Something has to give, and it's giving. Resources are over-stretched. Morale is down. Recruitment is more difficult. And many of our best people in the military are headed for civilian life. In 1998, the Air Force missed its reenlistment goals for the first time since 1981.

Army recruiting is at a 20 year low. A volunteer military has only two paths. It can lower its standards to fill its ranks. Or it can inspire the best and brightest to join and stay.

The time for change is now. I find it very disrespectful of our government to treat the men and women of our military in this fashion. It is also important to remember that the soldiers aren't the only one's losing in this situation. The American people require a strong military to defend the nation we have worked so hard to build.

As Commander in Chief, it is your obligation to fix this growing problem. I believe you should start with a pay increase across the whole military. Soldiers are leaving after they finish their first enlistment because there is nothing left for them in the military. There will never be that comforting...