George Bush vs. John Kerry Third Presidential Debate By Julz Matheney

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President George Bush versus Senator John Kerry

The Third Presidential Debate 2004

The third and final Presidential Debate was regarding topics concerning Domestic Affairs. Both Candidates displayed an improvement of performance in verbal and non-verbal action from the previous two debates. Their battle with words provided numerous examples of misleading responses and vague information all in the same instances.

The performance put on by President George Bush was quite different than previously displayed in regards to his body language. Instead of appearing uncomfortable and upset throughout the debate, he tried to compose a constant smile. Even through his fake smile you could see the tension within his nearly continuous blinking eyes. He did however resort back to his uncomfortable looking grimace displayed in previous events, at times.

In rebuttal to Senator Kerry's response regarding how you keep from raising taxes with rising costs. The President responded by pointing out the Senators past voting records regarding taxes as well as Kerry's proposed new spending plan.

When asked what he would say to someone who lost his job, Bush avoided stating what he would say but offered education as a solution. In the question to how does Kerry handle critics from the Catholic Archbishops, Bush responded by talking about abortion. He spoke of the ban of partial birth abortions as well as alternatives to abortion. He seemed to be trying to gain popularity for himself with the Catholic Church with no response to how the Catholics felt about Kerry or why.

Senator John Kerry seemed to handle himself just as he did in the two previous debates. He seemed very attentive, appeared to be comfortable and always placed emphasis on the mistakes he believes that have been made by our President George Bush. Not many surprises on behalf of Senator Kerry...