George Herbert Walker Bush/ This is somewhat of a biography. Footnotes are available and so is a bibliography, so send me a message if you wish to have a copy of it.

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George Herbert Walker Bush

Mr. Bush was born June 12th 1924, in Milton Massachusetts. His parents were Presott & Dorothy Bush. In January 1945, Mr. Bush married Barbara Pierce. The couple had six children, four sons and two daughters. In 1942, Mr. Bush took off to enroll in the Navy. One year later, on June 9th, Mr. Bush received his wings and was promoted from aviation cadet to ensign. Three days short of his birthday, eighteen-year-old Ensign George Herbert Walker Bush was the U.S. Navy's youngest pilot!

Yale University, it was the type of school where graduates of top prep schools expected to go. Already, George's father, Prescott Bush, had gone to Yale. George's brother, Pres Bush, had also gone to Yale. Proud to continue the tradition, Mr. Bush enrolled into Yale in the fall of 1945. After graduation in 1948, his father's oil business partner Neil Mallon offered Mr.

Bush a job in Southwest Texas at Dresser Oil Industries. Mr. Bush was to be the only trainee accepted at Dresser industries that year. So now, Mr. Bush left in search of "Texas Tea". This particular job was not going to be just going to meetings and answering telephones; he was going to work from the bottom up! Not excluding sweeping floors!

Ideco transferred George back to Texas. There, Mr. Bush met a fellow oilman named John Overby. Soon after, he and John started their company, the Bush-Overby Oil Development Company. In 1960 he entered a political line of work. From then on, George was a politician.

The first political office he obtained was Republican Chairman of Harris County. He would then obtain various political offices that would be used as stepping-stones to better his reputation as a politician and in 1988; Mr. Bush would run for president!

In August...