George Jetson, Eat Your Heart out

Essay by RendeRA+, May 2004

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In the 1960's you could always find a presentation of "what the future holds". A collection of ideas and discoveries that would "reorganize the way you live your life". Unfortunately, those days are generally far behind us, but why? Today thousands of people die on the world's highways. Thousands of lights snuffed out unnecessarily. What we need to do is focus our efforts on correcting those things, like auto accidents, that cause unnecessary harm.

The automobile itself has always been a contributor to injury and death on the roadway. To combat this, in the future, we can design cars with protective roll cages. Racing vehicles already use these very simple protective rails. Drivers of stock cars for example climb out of a wreck that occurred at speeds surpassing 150 MPH (miles per hour). Even a much lighter and less expensive roll cage would eliminate well over 50% of injuries in standard road vehicles.

Another cause of accidents is speeding. The speed limits in the United States are a joke. How many people can honestly say they adhere to them 100%? I think very few. In an effort to eliminate speeding computer electronics will be used to limit the output of automobile engines. A "Rev Limiter" as it is called, can be controlled by a microchip. Speed zones would be marked by microchips set into the signs, or even the roadway itself. These chips would then communicate with the automobiles as they pass to raise, or lower the rev limiter in each passing car. When a vehicle reaches the limit set by the chip, the engine will simply not engage the clutch, thereby relieving power from the wheels and slowing the car. Speeding becomes a thing of the past, and thousands of lives are safer for it.

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