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George MeredithGeorge Meredith was a well-known English novelist, poet, and essayist during the Victorian age. He was born in Portsmouth February 12th 1828 and died on May 18th 1909. Before Meredith became an author, he apprenticed with a lawyer. He also worked as a journalist submitting his poems and essays to the periodicals. Meredith married twice; his first wife 1849 to 1858 was the daughter of Thomas Love Peacock. His second marriage was 1864 to 1885.

Meredith's poems and novels were characterized in a sustained lyrical tone and were rich in metaphor. Meredith wrote many poems, novels, and essays. Meredith's first novel was "Ordeal of Richard Feverel," written in 1859, was his best-known novel. "Beauchamp's Career," written in 1875, was what Meredith considered to be his finest work. Other novels he wrote were: "Diana of the Crossways" 1885, "Amazing Marriage" 1895, and " The Egoist" 1879 which critics say is Meredith's finest work.

In conclusion, George Meredith was a universally respected poet, novelist, and essayist. Meredith's critics saw his as a precursor of ironic modernism rather than a Victorian. He was one of the major literary figures of Victorian England.

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