George Orwell's 1984

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The novel 1984 takes place in London, England, or in the general area. Only it is nothing like what London is like today. There is no art because it's forbidden, the architecture is very simple, but the propaganda is everywhere. The entire society is very structured to the letter and there is no expression of any kind that appeals to the emotions other than hate.

The only art available is contraband that only the proles can get a hold of in Oceana. Only very old paintings, probably altered by The Party to be politically correct and made to help in controlling the thoughts of their citizens, exist hidden in slum shops in the ghetto. The rest has been burned because it doesn't represent what they want it to.

The architecture that exists for the Ministry buildings are pyramids, and the housing is plain and unappealing looking. Made only to be practical and useful instead of nice looking.

They aren't well kept, and very dirty and falling apart. Most of the older buildings that are still standing have been highly altered and look nothing like their original design.

All through the streets there is litter of pamphlets and posters on the street and walls, covered with propaganda like "Big Brother is Watching." And other things like The Party slogan, "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength," and anything that would scare and corrupt the minds of their citizens.

Oceana, London particularly is very dirty and plain. The Party has left it like that to keep the people of the country in their control, so there isn't anything pretty because that has no practical use.