George Orwell's "Animal Farm".

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Animal Farm - Analytical Essay

Animal Farm. A story of lies, deceit, destruction, false promises and lost hopes. Also strongly displayed in the novel is the power of persuasive speech or propaganda. Written by Englishman George Orwell, the novel satirically relates to communist Russia; it's dictatorship, economic depression and the ultimate irony of it.

It all began with a speech from Major, a wise experience and highly respected pig on his deathbed. Only days before his death, he wanted to express his concerns for animals and his solutions for problems endured by the animals. Major told of the inequity within Manor farm and all other farms around England for animals. "...our lives are miserable, laborious and short." He correctly says (on page 8 of the novel), as well as: "No animal in England knows the meaning of happiness or leisure after he is a year old. No animal in England is free.

The life of an animal is misery and slavery. That is the plain truth."

The animals listened tentatively through Major's speech (pages 7-12) as he pointed out the root of all their problems; Man. "Nearly all of our produce is stolen from us by human beings." Is one thing he said whilst targeting Man as the sole enemy. Major wanted the other animals to rebel and remove Man from the picture altogether. Major believed that then and only then would hunger and overwork be abolished. Through his speech, he convinced his fellow animals that they were victims and injustice and that for all of their hard work, they had received nothing in return. Catchcries such as "all men are enemies. All animals are comrades." (page 11) and an easy-to-remember song entitled 'Beasts of England' (page 13) relating to the hardship of the animals and the brighter days...