George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In every society, there is a distribution of power in different layers. In Animal Farm by George Orwell, the animals on Manor Farm decide to take over and throw the humans who govern the farm out. The animals that have the most knowledge, making them more capable, the pigs, set themselves in charge. Here at Rowland High School, the administration and teachers are in charge, they are the most knowledgeable and responsible to be in charge. The rest of the animals in the novel are comparable to the students at Rowland High School. In Animal Farm there is a distribution in layers of power, as there is here at Rowland High School.

In the novel, the pigs run the farm, since they make themselves seem like the smartest and most capable creatures around. Here at Rowland High School, power is setup in a similar fashion to keep the order on campus.

At Rowland, the people in charge are the people in the Administration and the teachers, as well as the rest of the staff, they make sure there is order on and around the campus, keeping the students safe and learning.

There are also other animals that don?t have as much power as the pigs, but still have a say in everything. Rowland High School is also similar to the novel in that way. For example, the seniors have more power over the freshmen than the freshmen have over the seniors. In the novel, some animals have more capabilities than the others. It may also be like that on campus or it maybe another manner, such as fear: the seniors would have more of an intimidating advantage over the freshmen than the other way around.

In the novel, the more intimidating animals with more power who...