George Orwells 1984. This prophetical book depicts the future, what is your version? In the Year 2060 what will life be like?

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In George Orwell's book nineteen eighty-four, a totalitarianism society is depicted. Actions, possessions, even thoughts are controlled by the government. Written in 1948, this is the Orwell's prediction of the near future. In the year 2060 the world will be a drastically different place.

Society's progress has been increasingly accelerated as time passes. Canada's natives demonstrated progress when they improved techniques of killing buffalo. At first they threw spears into a heard of buffalo killing a few each time. Then it was found that by luring a herd of buffalo off a cliff the whole herd could be killed. Progress had escalated, but at what cost. As herds continued to be driven off cliffs there was a plentiful supply of buffalo, until there were no more herds to be driven off the cliffs. The native's advancements in hunting techniques took progress to far. They crossed the line and made a mistake, then suffered the consequences having almost no supply of buffalo.

Our modern society continues to progress, with new innovations in realms like technology. Society has progressed so much that our world can not handle another shipwreck. The innovation of harnessing energy through nuclear fusion alone is enough to wipe out mankind. Progress is beneficial, until it is detrimental. In the year 2060 mankind will be fearful of its own capability. For the fear of ourselves will fuel our ambition to avoid a chaotic catastrophe. Knowledge will replace ignorance. Instead of widening our scope of knowledge on missiles people will spend energy advancing medicine, and genetically engineering food so there is no longer a shortage in third world countries. Of course technology will continue to advance; we will all have flying cars and a robotic dog, and a gold course in the sky as seen in the Jetson's.

In the year 2060 the world will be farther along than it is now. Although not drastically different, change is inevitable. With education and knowledge people will become aware of the way progress is shaping out society. Take control of the world's path and preventing an atrocious disaster. As time goes on so do we.