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Marks & Spencer, once the most tried and tested high street brand - Now facing a fight to revive its image. In doing so they sign up George Davies, the designer who established 'George' the clothing business for Asda and established Next another high street brand.

The man who once said he would not work for M & S because he was not that kind of person, now states, " I made a mistake" and insisted that Marks and Spencer had changed under the new Chairman Luc Vandevelde.

Firstly, it has being established that Mr Davies has total autonomy over all aspects of the range. The introduction of Per Una under the M & S umbrella could be viewed as two brands, a sub brand within.

Although the style of the new product, is distinct in comparison to the Marks and Spencer brand. The whole presentation from the shop fitting to the staffing uniform to the accessories are all very much more flexible in comparison to the standard bland somewhat robust layout and ambience of Marks and Spencer.

Mr Davies has revealed that he would be advertising separately from the main M & S range. "It will be my responsibility to market the brand," said Mr Davies yesterday, "Because it is my brand." The campaign for the range was launched in array of publicity, from radio, in store adverts, M & S monthly magazine to breakfast television. The launch was quite spectacular.

On his departure from Asda Mr Davies said he would not work for M & S because it was "too corporate".

But just how compatible is Mr Davies style of management, marketing, design and operation with the new style of management under Mr Vandevelde leadership? PER UNA STRENGTH George's hand on approach is stamped not just on...