George Rogers Clark - By Jeannett Ablan

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The story of George Rogers Clark is set in the late 1700's in colonial America. The story is about the man who lead the soldiers of America into battle against indians and British forces in the western territories of America.

George Rogers Clark was a strong man who usaully wore deer skin clothing.

He was tall and had red hair. Will Harrod, one of Georges bes friends, accompanied George on most of his journeys.

Will had known Daniel Boone and was constantly talking of him.

William Clark was Georges' brother. He also whent along with George on some of his adventures and, being quite a bit yunger than George, aided him when he was older.

Clark was a travler, always leaving home to explore.

So when America called on him to fight in the west, he was there in a flash. He defeated the British in the west by working a series of campaignes in witch he took all the British forts in the west, except one.

When he defeated the British, it kept the Indians, who had been raiding settlments, from getting guns from the British, and made there defeat possible.

All during the war, George helped set up villages and worked to make it safe for settlers to move west.