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On September the 11th, 2001, terrorists left their mark of murder on my country. The attacks that followed -- on Bali, Jakarta, Casablanca, Bombay, Mombassa, Najaf, Jerusalem, Riyadh, Baghdad, Istanbul and Madrid were not dreams. They're part of a global campaign by terrorist networks to intimidate and demoralize all who oppose them. Hello I am George W Bush

These terrorists target the innocent, and they kill by the thousands. The greatest threat of our age is nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons in the hands of terrorists, and the dictators who aid them. Iraq does not miss their fugitive dictator. They rejoiced at his fall. In Iraq, year after year, the dictator was given the chance to account for his weapons programs, and end the nightmare for his people. Now, the resolutions he defied have been enforced.

Who will say that Iraq was better off when Saddam Hussein was strutting and killing, or that the world was safer when he held power? Who doubts that Afghanistan is a more just society and less dangerous without Mullah Omar playing host to terrorists from around the world.

We cannot rely on military power to assure our long-term security.

If the Middle East remains a place where freedom does not flourish, it will remain a place of stagnation and anger and violence for export. And as we saw in the ruins of two towers, no distance on the map will protect our lives.

We must shake off decades of failed policy in the Middle East. In the past we have been willing to make a bargain, to tolerate oppression for the sake of stability. Longstanding ties often led us to overlook the faults. Yet this bargain did not bring stability or make us safe. It merely bought time, while problems continued. As recent...