George W. Bush vs. Al Gore

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There are many things that can be said about the 2000 presidential elections. People, places, thoughts and party lines, never before has the United states been so divided among it's political spectrum. The ascendance of George W. Bush to the presidency is on such prime example of that division. How did such a man become president? One must step back to a year or so before the election and see the process that led him to where he is now. As one looks back one sees that there is a uniqueness to the way that the American people select their leaders, one that no other country in the world follows.

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The Election campaign for both candidates started out like others, amongst many other wood-be candidates.

As the months went on two candidates from both parties stood out, George W. Bush , and Vice President Al Gore. They almost unanimously won the backing at every primary in every state. The only candidate that seemed to be challenged was George Bush, by John McCain, who later lost. At the National conventions it was already known who would be the two runners for each of the parties. Ironically that day that they were announced there were protesters outside the national convention on both parties. At the end George Bush and Dick Cheney were paired up, and Al Gore and Joseph Liberman were paired off. Both candidates broke the record for the most money spent in an election, over 500 million dollars.

There were three presidential debates, the first in Boston on October 3rd , the second in Winston-Salem, NC on October 11, and...