George W. Bush the Worst President in History

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It has been suggested that George W. Bush may be the worst president in the nation's history. I agree; I believe that the president has displaced James Buchanan for that dubious distinction. Buchanan presided over the crumbling of the United States, but his errors were mostly of a passive nature. Joel Stein, a writer of the Los Angeles Times states “President Bush has pushed the United States in exactly the wrong direction. In so doing, he has taken an activist stance in pursuing a ruinous course for the country” (Stein). Bush bumbled his way through his presidential terms with his campaign on weapons of mass destruction that never transpired then his lack of concern of the Katrina disaster, and he threw our economy into a tail spin. Bush singled handedly almost succeeded in bankrupting our country before riding off into the sunset to claim his 450 thousand a year that he will be paid by the very people he so very often showed he cared less about.

Christopher Farrell, a writer for the Los Angeles Times wrote, “Like the war that came to define it, Bush's presidency conceivably could be viewed more favorably by historians than it is by the nation that looks forward expectantly to his retirement” (Farrell). Farrell gives Bush a break, but now our verdict today is that, despite some important accomplishments, the Bush years were a time of squandered opportunities, shocking abuse of power and cynical abandonment of both principles and historical valuesThe Bush administration defined them by 9/11, but the terror attacks can't excuse his miscalculations of weapons of mass destruction he so adamantly predicted.” In 2001, after the Supreme Court secured his victory in the Electoral College, Bush promised in his first inaugural address to build a single nation of justice and opportunity. Echoing...