George Washington

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GW Martin Garcia Hy111 Raymona Maddy 26 March 2002 People love to be the first to do things, well how would you like to be the first president of the united states? George Washington (1732-1799) was named "father of the country" for guiding and caring for his country as a father would for a growing child. All most everyone of his time loved him so much that they would have made him king if he had let them. Since the end of the revolutionary war, Washington's Birthday has been celebrated yearly by America.

Georges parents Augustine and Mary Ball Washington had six children, George, Betty, Samuel, John, Charles and, Mildred. George was born on pope's creek plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on February 22,1732. When George was three years old his family moved from pope's creek plantation to a fifty mile long undeveloped plantation that was later called Mount Vernon.

The way he entertained him self was by exploring the nearby woods and helping out in farm work. When George was nearly seven his family moved again to a 260-acre peace of land called Ferry Farm, and it lay on the Rappahannock River across from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Soon after, he began going to school in Fredericksburg and even though he had no more than seven or eight years of education his best subject was arithmetic. George studied enough history and geography to know something of the outside world but never learned as much about literature, foreign languages, or history as did Thomas Jefferson or James Madison who had an advantage of much formal education. By the time he ended his school work at the age of 14 or 15, George could keep business accounts, write clear letters, and do simple figuring. George's father had probably planned to send him to...