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Kenyia Johnson

Professor McManus

FYS 112

September 24, 2014

Thomas Jefferson's Greatness

Thomas Jefferson, one of the America's most influential presidents, is considered the greatest president for the United States. Although Thomas Jefferson seemed hypocritical in some of his actions, he was always looking to improve his country. Thomas Jefferson's efforts are viewed negative by some, but admired by many. I find that some of the things Jefferson wanted to accomplish seemed to be not only difficult, but also impossible. However, he still managed to do a splendid job running his country. Thomas Jefferson expanded and reformed his country with instances such as the Louisiana Purchase. The Louisiana Purchase will always be known as one of Jefferson's greatest achievements as president. Another success made by Jefferson which distinguished him as a great president was his ability to lower the national debt down by nearly half. Thomas Jefferson was not responsible for the increase of the national debt, so for him to be in office within two years and lower the debt says a lot about his character and dedications.

Most importantly, Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence showed not only Jefferson's intelligence, but also his care for his country. Thomas Jefferson's goals turned out to be successful in means of building a country up in power. His presidency was a success, which is why he will permanently be considered one of America's greatest president. When Thomas Jefferson came into presidency, his principles were to expand upon the idea of an agrarian nation. The Louisiana Purchase was great deal with expanding the country. The Louisiana Purchase was a land contract between the United States and France, in which the U.S. developed approximately 827,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River. The Louisiana Territory included...