George Washington

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George Washington was born in 1732 into a Virginia planter family, he learned the morals, manners, and body of knowledge requisite for an 18th century Virginia gentleman. His father died when he was eleven. He dropped out of school when he was 14 years old. He started to work when he was 17 years old and got his first land when he was 18 years old

He was an experienced military leader. In 1754, he fought the first skirmishes of what grew into the French and Indian War and commissioned a lieutenant colonel .

As commander in chief during the American Revolution, he built a large army, held it together, kept it in a managing order, and prevented it from being destroyed by a crushing defeat. He alternated between daring surprise attacks and the patient performance of routine duties. He realized that the best strategy was to badger the British.

He reported to Congress, "We should on all occasions avoid a general Action, or put anything to the Risqué, unless compelled by a necessity, into which we ought never to be drawn." Ensuing battles saw him fall back slowly, then strike unexpectedly.

Washington also had an important role in establishing the modern world's first nation. He helped the commanding troops in revolutionary. After the war Washington took a leading part in the making of the constitution and the movement for its approval. Its success was assured by 1797, at the end of the second term of his presidency. In 1799 the country included nearly all its present-day region from the Atlantic coast and the Mississippi River.

In conclusion, Henry Lee stated that George Washington was an American hero "first in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen." He inspired confidence through his fairness and consideration. He...