George Washington Carver

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George Washington Carver

By: Manzhen Chen

George Washington Carver was born in Missouri, as a slave of Moses and Susan Carver, because his mother, Mary, was the only slave of the Carver's. Moses did not believe in owning slaves, but lack of near neighborhood in rural Missouri, he gave up and bought Mary for lonely Susan. Susan Carver treated Mary more like a sister than a slave. The local Ku Klux Klan didn't like that. Shortly they came to the Carver's house and kidnapped George, his mother, and brother Jim. Moses sent a man on horseback to search for Mary and her sons. He returned with only George and Jim, and told Moses that a woman had the brothers. Mary was never heard of again. George was a weak baby. He either had a bad cold, a whooping cough, or bouts of respiratory ailment. George and Jim called their guardians "Uncle Moses" and "Aunt Sue".

They were free from worries but still had regular chores to complete. All the work requiring muscles went to Jim, because George was too sick for that kind of work. Instead, George fed the animals, churn butter, collect chicken eggs, or groom the horses.

George longed to go to school. The nearest school only accepted white children, but the school that would accept him was miles away. Aunt Sue found a copy of an old spelling book that George treasured and learned a lot from. George loved nature so much that it led to a rock cycle, a pen for frogs, and a garden that he kept a distance from his house. He later recalled that it was plain foolishness for a boy to "waste time on flowers." That was later proved false when he healed one neighbor's ferns and made another neighbor's rosebushes thrive.