George Washington In The Constitution

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George Washington and The Constitution "George Washington stands alone as the man most responsible for the founding of freedom in the United States" (Whitney 204). Washington was the president of the constitutional convention. He was also served as the first president of the United States of America; he served for two terms. Through out his childhood, Washington's inspiration came from his older half-brother Lawrence. George Washington also held many important positions in the militia. He was Commander in Chief of the Continental Arm during the Revolutionary War and the Commander in Chief of the United States Army.

George Washington was born in Virginia in Pope's Creek Farm in Westmoreland County on February 22, 1732. At the age of fifteen he dropped out of high school to become a surveyor. He originally desired to be a midshipman and go to sea, but his mom disapproved of his plans. He spent a month in western Virginia mapping the lands of Lord Thomas Fairfax with his surveying party.

At the age of seventeen, he became the Culpeper County surveyor and helped survey the town of Alexandria, Va. During the French and Indian war, Washington was promoted from major to colonel in the command of the Virginia militia. He later followed his brothers path and became a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, which led him to become delegate from Virginia to the Continental Congress. Washington finally dies, after devoting his life to the freedom of his nation, at the age of sixty-seven at Mount Vernon in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Washington was not very pleased with the Articles of Confederation so he advocated a stronger central government by hosting the Mount Vernon Conference of 1785 at his estate. Since then, it had been held in Alexandria. Washington, however, did not participate much in...