"German Boy" by Wolfgang W.E. Samuel.

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The book I read was titled German Boy by Wolfgang W.E. Samuel. It was a true story of a child, Wolfgang, trapped in a crumbling Germany at the end of World War II.

Wolfgang was a twelve year old German child living in a small town in Germany with his sister, Ingrid, and his mother Heldwig (Heldy). It is post World War II as the Russians invade Western Germany and the English and Americans invade western Germany. Wolfgang's world is rocked when the Russian war machine nears his hometown. His family flees further west to his grandparent's home to escape the Russians and their brutal mistreatment of prisoners. Their thought is that the Nazi party will regain control and they will be able to return home. The Russians once again come near, forcing them to flee in the middle of the night with a army convoy. The convoy is attacked on the journey and the family commodore a army wagon and heads further west trying to make it to American lines.

The rumor is that the Americans are much more humane than the Russians ever would be. They are trapped in a village and are forced to surrender to the Russians and live with them in misery for four years. Their father, living on the American side comes and rescues them and moves them west. They live their until they are allowed to immigrate to the United States.

The story sums up with Wolfgang at a Veterans convention as an old man. He is about fifty five and has a good life in the United States.

I think this was a very good story and was informative about the war. It gave you an insight into the fall of the Nazi party leading into Communist oppression. This is a...