German Unification

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German Unification

In 1862, Bismarck became the Prussian chancellor, and he had huge plans for his country in the years to come. He intended to with unite Germany under Prussian rule. Bismarck thought that he could achieve these goals by controlling the people and making them believe in the same thing he did. Bismarck thought if he made the lower class believe in his thoughts and get them to vote his way he could use this against the liberals and Austria. He also believed that if he could get leaders of other countries to believe his ways this would play as a key part of obtaining his goal of German unification.

Bismarck knew that to achieve his goal he was going to have to get the people on his side and stop other countries from fighting against him. He also knew there had to be war to reach his goal, but using his own army would make it look like he was trying to gain to much power.

In 1863 Denmark tried to take away the autocracy of the German states Schleswig and Holstein. Prussia and Austria went to war with Denmark. They won and Prussia took Schleswig, and Austria took Holstein but Bismarck wanted both states.

In 1866 Bismarck sent his troops to take over Holstein. He made sure Austria had no help from any other countries. He did this by making deals with all the other countries. Once again Prussia's superior military force won the war. To make sure there were no further problems with Austria and the German states Bismarck sent a treaty to them called the Treaty of Prague.

The North German Confederation was formed in 1867 making the German states now powerful. Bismarck let Parliament control the budget of the states. The German states kept...