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In 1961, the Federal Republic of Germany built a wall called the Berliner Mauer,

this was to prevent the loss of workers to the Democratic Republic. They wanted to

develop their agricultural industry. This is why they created the most heavily garded wall.

However, West Germans and West Berliners may now visit their relatives or friends

because in 1989 the wall was taken down, from the result of lengthy negotiations.

In the city of Dresden, it contains the magic of court festivals, art galleries,

extravagant architecture, music, science and industry. The Zwinger is a group of

buildings that contain remarkable architecture, and there is an open space in the middle so

spectators can watch shows. The Kreuzkirche, is a famous boys' choir of the

Kreuzkirche, it's performed in the United States and Japan. In addition, Dresden can

make electronics and machine-building an industry because of the great importance of

learning science in Dresden.

Martin Luther, a monk, that taught theology and philosophy in 1508 made

Wittenber, die Lutherstadt a very important town. The University of Wittenberg was

founded in 1502, and became the center of learning in Europe. Thus, Martin Luther began

teaching theology and philosophy there in 1508. Luther, also made a castle a monument.

In this castle called Wartburg, Luther translated the Bible into German, helping the

foundation of modern German language.

Berlin used to be a divided city East and West, that was cut in half by a wall called

the Berlin Mauer. In the East, there contains the center of prewar, the Alexanderplatz.

Lined with trees called the boulevard of Unter den Linder. The Dom, the

Humboldt-Uneversitat, and many old museums and theaters attract visitors from both

East and West.

The second biggest city of the German Democratic Republic is the city of Leipzig.

It has a tradition of being a commercial and industrial center. There is a fair that is called

Herbstmesse, this fair is held twice a year to celebrate the famous Leipziger Messe. This

city is also famous for their arts, because a famous composer named Johann Sebastian Bas

was the musical director of the Thomaskirche.

A city of 200,00 is called Erfurt. It's mostly know as Blumenstadt, the city of

flowers. As a horticultural center, it is the home of "iga" Internationale