Germany's view on the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Rogue States

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I. General Position Statement

The Federal Republic of Germany believes that there are three identifiable parts to the topic of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in rogue states: rogue states, proliferation, and weapons of mass destruction.

The definition for weapons of mass destruction needs to be updated to stay current with world events. Chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons need to be included in this definition. Furthermore, Germany believes that there must be a clear distinction with types of weapons of mass destruction: method of distribution must be considered, to gauge the threat posed.

Proliferation is an important subject to understand before a resolution for this topic can be drafted. Most importantly, the source of these weapons of mass destruction needs to be determined. It will be useless to remove the weapons of mass destruction from a state, if they can merely order more from their supplier. Also, the quantity of these weapons also needs to be considered.

Although just possessing one weapon of mass destruction is a great threat, a state possessing a hundred nuclear missiles with the capabilities to hit global targets is more of a threat that a state possessing one nuclear missile with no launching capabilities.

Most importantly, a rogue state must be further defined. In addition to the current definition for a rogue state, constant revaluations need to take place. For the rogue state of Iraq, the United Nations systematically ignored the need to revaluate and confront the Iraq problem after the first gulf war. As a result, a second war, which was completely avoidable, needed to occur. This problem should not be allowed to continue. Threat analysis for these countries need to be updated periodically and given to the committee to be reconsidered.

II. Responses to Questions a Resolution Must Answer

As a...