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Many British authors have come and gone; of them many have gone unnoticed and there were once that were very popular and went noticed. There were certain once that made dramatic changes to literature. George Bernard Shaw was one of the people who went noticed. Some of the plays that he wrote were, Major Barbara, Heartbreak House, Saint Joan, and Too True to Be Good and also Pygmalion. Even though he had a rough childhood and he had some problems in his beginning of his writing career, he still managed to pull though and publish his plays. The writings of George Bernard Shaw are not the same as the forms of writing presented by other writers due to many reason.

George Bernard Shaw was born on July 26, 1856 in Dublin. Shaw's father was a very impractical person; he was also an unsuccessful merchant who could not get a very good business going.

Shaw's was a protestant Irish gentry. In order to get extra income his mother taught voice pupils. Shaw attended both protestant and catholic day school. For this reason, at the age of 16, Shaw took a clerical job in the nearby church, from that point onward he was self-educated. After a while, his parent's marriage failed, thereafter his mother and sister went to London, and Shaw later on joined his mother and sister in 1876.

After he went to London, the next decade was one of the frustrating and near poverty. Shaw could not get a good job, he started a telephone company job, which did not last very long, and only two of the five novels Shaw wrote between 1879-1883 found publishers. Cashel Byron Profession (1889), a novel about prizefighting as an occupation that anticipates the theme of the prostitution as an antisocial profession in the...