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GerontologyPSYCH/500 - Life-Span DevelopmentJanuary 11, 2010AbstractIf I told you that I could add 10 years to your life-span would you listen? Of course your gene pool is a factor in this, however, good eating habits and the right life-style, are just a few basis that you can follow that may help you live a decade longer. This is what researchers are saying, that new information suggests that by the year 2060 our life-span expectancy will likely reach 100. Life-span is your development in all areas of life from the time of conception to the day you die. Placing all factors in the pot and observing what has transpired or gone on since the day you were born till your demise, that is where physiologists come in to point individuals in the right direction when they have lost their way.

Late-Adulthood ages 65 to death is the stage that I am discussing today, growing old is a fear that I have had and just recently it has made a presence in my day to day life, and I don't know if it's because of this course or rather something else quite different.

At this stage in the game a person at this moment should be able to reflect on his/her life and there should be an acceptance of sorts. If you can look back and not want to live your life over again your doing something right, however, if you want to live your life over again, there's a problem. Somehow or someway you feel as though life has cheated you out of something, that you did not get a fare break in life. If you feel cheated this could lead to more serious problems i.e. depression, illness, and ultimately death if not taken care of. It's not the getting old...