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Chapter Two

I interviewed Ellen, someone from my own culture, Philippines. She came here when she was 31 years old. She didn't come directly from the Philippines but from Nigeria where she worked as a doctor. She decided to come here to look for greener pasture. She got here with a tourist visa. She found out that she couldn't work as a doctor here. She tried to look for a job that would petition her for a working permit but to no avail. As her visa was about to expire, hesitant to go back to her home country where she felt like there's no future for her there, she immediately, hurriedly married the first guy that showed interest on her. The man she married is also a Filipino that's looking for a Filipina with old fashioned ways. She said, she's it, out of necessity.

Fortunately, this guy turned out to be a real nice guy.

Now, they have three children, all grown up and happy.

She also mentioned that it was a lot different when she was younger, a lot different from what we have now back home. She said back then, in the Philippines, we don't have washing machines, electrical gadgets in the kitchen, that's one of the things attracted her here, convenience in life. No vacuums, no air-conditions, all the modern technology. She said that if only she had all those back home then, then maybe just maybe she choose to stay there. Later on, she retrieved that statement and said that America is her dream.

When we talked about the entertainment those days, she said, all they had was a radio and gatherings with neighbors and friends during occasions, not a lot of it though, for she said only few people has money to spend...