Getting To Broadway

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"Romeo, Romeo, oh Romeo"¦uuhh, what's my next line?" "Jenny!" screamed the director, " This is the fourth time I've told you to memorize your lines! Now, if you want to play Juliet, you're going to have to do a bit better than that." Feeling embarrassed, Jenny couldn't respond, all she could do was stare straight forward, wanting to cry. It was the first time Jenny Martin had a lead role in a play, and the first time she could prove she could make it big as an actress. "I'm not a disaster!" Jenny thought to herself, "I can do this, just calm yourself down." "Alright guys, take a five minute break, then we'll pick up where we left off." Rob, the producer stated.

All Jenny could think of were the shining, bright lights with her name on them, the most famous directors on Broadway begging her to be on their next show, and the standing and loud applauding crowd.

"Oh, the crowd," she imagined. "Jackyll and Hyde, staring Jenny Martin," she pictured with a smirk on her face.

"Come on Jenny, stop day dreaming!" Rob shouted, "Okay, pick it up from where we left off. Jenny, you start it off." "Romeo, Romeo, oh Romeo, you are forever my love. I would kill for you." Jenny acted proudly.

Suddenly, from the other side of the room, the director screamed. "It's I would die for you, not kill for you. For Gosh's sake, this is a love story not a murder scene!" "I guess I have to memorize my lines first before I can stare in Jackyll and Hyde," she sadly thought.