Getting Drunks off the Road

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Current Event Article #3 In Washington D.C., the U.S. Senate Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee followed through with their involvement in the crack down of drunk driving in America. They previously had proposed to decrease the cash flow to the highway safety department, in addition to budget reductions for occupant protection, as well as other safety standards. They were to do this because drinking and driving has proven to be the most frequently committed violent crime. Statistics show that 16, 653 people died during 2000 in alcohol-related accidents. This was the first increase in the death toll of alcohol-related deaths in five years. Even though a national blood alcohol limit law of .08% was set in 2000, more has to be done in order to keep drunk drivers off our roads.

In the Mothers Against Drink Driving organization, they feel the need to have more involvement in the law enforcement areas.

Such things that the M.A.D.D. brought up in their proposal was to have highly visible and highly publicized law enforcement efforts, being: sobriety checkpoints, a .08 BAC standard in every state, high-risk/ repeat offender restrictions, primary safety belt laws, underage drinking prevention and open container laws. This organization of mothers who are against drinking and driving have been together for 21 years now, and their mission is still to keep the drunk drivers off the roads, making it more safe for the innocent people on the road.