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Slaughterhouse Five Logan Varnell Expository Writing 1010-089

The fictional novel, Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, is innovative to its genre because even though it has fantasy events listed throughout the novel, it also has genuine events in it too. The events help tell the story of Billy Pilgrim, which also helped with the time traveling, because of the different events that happened throughout the 20th century. In the novel, it lists events such as the bombing of Dresden that actually happened at the end of WWII. The bombing is brought up several times throughout the novel, which leads back to the time traveling. The time traveling back and forth through the actual events make the novel innovative to its genre because while it's listed as a fictional novel, the actual events that happen could create an argument that the genre could be misleading which is rather unique for a fictional novel.

The genre conventions throughout the novel consist of distant space traveling and extraterrestrials. These events clearly make the novel fictional because from what us as humans know, none of that exists or is even possible. The Tralfamadorians that kidnap Billy Pilgrim, take him to their planet, and make him a slave/zoo animal do not exist, so that could never happen. That would make the novel fictional by default. That would then back up the genre conventions that are presented in this novel. Another genre convention in the novel is time traveling. Throughout the novel, Billy jumps from one event to the other in a matter of seconds. The book is not written chronologically, and so you just have to assume that Billy is time traveling. The process of time travel does not exist and so therefore, you would have to categorize the genre of this book...