Getting a Girl is Hard Work

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Edd packed up his black monochromatic clothes into his black suitcase. He was so anxious to leave home because of the thought of not having to deal with his parents at least for a year. He said goodbye to his three younger brothers but not to his parents. Edd figured the parents would not care too much, besides, they only "job" was to make his life as miserable as possible. They were constantly complaining about how their four sons were always getting on their nerves. Edd hated it the most when said they never get enough sleep because of their three year old. Why don't they just stop watching adult movies every night!? That was what Edd has been asking himself since his closest brother was born.

Edd has had to work for four summers in a row to be able to pay for his college fee. When he finally got enough money, all his parents could say was "Perfect! Now we only need to worry about these other three kids until we get rid of them!" For years they have been saying they just couldn't wait to "send em all" to college.

"I gotta look at the positive side," Edd would say to himself "my family is not exactly a functional one, but hey, at least my parents are not alcoholic." Not anymore. He would be free from them. Freedom. What a magnificent word. Edd kept thinking about it even as he climbed up the bus.

When Edd arrived to his apartment, he started setting his stuff on the drawers. He thought he should get some rest before unpacking everything else, but first he picked up his phone and gave his friend Joe a call"What's up Joe, it Edd""Yo!!! Wassup brotha??" answered Joe. "How is the whole...