Getting yourself out of a Sticky Situation (Odysseus Style) (Body Paragraph)

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Odysseus displays many attributes of an epic hero; the most prominent of these traits is his cleverness. For example, when the Greeks were looking for a way to end the Trojan war, Odysseus came up with a brilliant idea, " His plan was to leave a single Greek behind in the deserted camp, primed with a tale calculated to make the Trojans draw the horse into the city-and without investigating it. Then, when night was darkest, the Greeks inside were to leave their wooden prison and open the city gates to the Army, which by that time would have sailed back, and be waiting before the wall" (Hamilton 12.) Odysseus thinks of an outstanding solution to a problem that has been occurring for a while, and he does this by thinking up a wild solution that no one else thought of. Odysseus was very creative in finding a way to get into the city, and he looks at anything that might make the task become a flop.

He made sure that nothing bad would happen as a result of poor planning. Since his idea doesn?t raise suspicion the plan goes along smoothly. In addition, when the men are trapped in the Cyclopes? cave and are planning to poke out Polyphemos? eye Odysseus says to him "My name is Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy" (Hamilton 5.) Odysseus knows that if the Cyclopes knows their names that he will alert the other Cyclopes. So he uses his brain and thinks of a reasonable name that will trick him, thus creating a way for the men to escape the dangerous cave alive. As any clever person is, Odysseus uses all of his resources to get the most desirable result possible.