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November 22, 2013

Peter Holliday Getty Villa Art Pieces

The Getty Villa is home to many interesting and amazing art pieces. It was founded by J. Paul Getty in 1954 to display his beautiful collection of art. It was heavily influenced by Greek Architecture especially the Greek Villas. The Villa is known for having some of the more unique statues. Most known for the "Lansdowne Hercules" and the "Victorious Youth" which is actually one of the only bronze statues still intact in the world. Plenty of art pieces are unique and on display at the museum. Focusing on Greek Art and Sculpture is fairly easy as they have their own section clearly labeled Greek. This was a huge help in finding the artwork I needed. Three pieces in particular are interesting and have their own story and style.

Prize Vessel from the Athenian Games, 363-362 B.C.

is a "Panathenaic amphora" used as a prize to give out to the winner of the Games. The contents of the vase were usually just olive oil pressed from the sacred trees of Athens. These were made in their own unique way and almost always included a narrow neck and a standard decoration pertaining to the games. These vases are always decorated with Athena, the goddess of war, who watches over Athens. On one side, the vase is decorated with Athena in her quintessential gown and a helmet worthy of a goddess. She is depicted in sort of a stride armed with her shield and spear showing how strong she is. The other side is in this case a painting of the goddess Nike, Goddess of Victory, crowning the winner of the event in which they competed. The event was boxing and you could tell by the leather...