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"I think that the word 'saint' should be ruled out of present life. It is too sacred a word to be lightly applied to anybody, much less to one like myself who claims only to be a humble searcher after truth, knows his limitations, makes mistakes, never hesitates to admit them when he makes them, and frankly confesses that he, like a scientist, is making experiments about some of the eternal verities of life, but cannot even claim to be a scientist because he can show no tangible proof of scientific accuracy in his methods or such tangible results of his experiments as modern science demands. On October second eighteen sixty-nine in Probuner, India Monhandas Karamchan Gandhi was born . While he was still in high school at the age of thirteen he married Kasterbura. In eighteen eighty-eight, Ghandi sailed for London England. There he studied law in a university.

While in college he stated, "During the days of my education, I had read practically nothing outside textbooks and after I launch into my active life. I have very little time left for reading, I cannot, therefore claim much book knowledge. However, I believe I have not lost much because of this enforced restraint. On the contrary, the limited reading may be said to have enabled me thoroughly to digest what I have read." He became a lawyer and moved back to his homeland of India.

Shortly after his return to India, he was sent to South Africa. This is a land that Indians were not accepted by white South Africans. One day while riding a train, he was shoved off because he refused to give up his seat to a white person. This particular situation led to a philosophy that he had for the rest of the that he...