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Ghandi Eulogy         With the passing of the great Mohandas Ghandi, the world has lost a great leader and a profoundly important human being. Ghandi’s life was spent fighting for what he believed in. He was a rebellious leader who broke unethical laws peacefully. His plain white shorts, spun with Indian cloth, symbolized the independence of his people. In life and death, Ghandi brought people together like never before. His presence will be missed, and it is unfortunate that he will not be able to personally enlighten future generations of followers.

        Mohandas K. Ghandi was born in 1869 in India. Britain owned the land that he grew up on and his people were heavily taxed. He was married at the age of thirteen, and lost a son and his father some three years later. As he grew up the cruel treatment from the British supremacists continued. This treatment eventually gave Ghandi the idea to protest against things that appeared wrong to him.

        A specific example of unfair treatment was when Ghandi was traveling in South African colonies by train, and was thrown out of the train even though he had a first class ticket, just because he would not move to third class. This is when Ghandi realized just how much of a minority the Indian people were. In one case an injured Indian slave came to Ghandi (who was practicing as a lawyer) in seek of help. At that time, a slave running away was a serious crime, but Ghandi took the case and the owner reluctantly freed the slave. Ghandi was seen as a hero for this in Southern Africa.

        Ghandi was controversial in the way he treated people. He tolerated all religions, something uncommon for the Indians. He also spoke out for the lowest rank in Indian Society,