Ghenghis Khan: Childhood, beginning of empire, culture.

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Childhood & TrainingGenghis khan or Temujin was born with a blood clot in the palm of his hand and this was believed to be the sign of great leader ship and divine. Genghis Khan didn't obtain his name till his rise to power, his birth name was Temujin, and he was born some time between 1150's to 1160's. at the age of three he was trained to ride horses and he then learned to hunt and supply for his family at the age of six. Genghis Khan's father Yesugei was poisoned and died when khan was nine years of age. He was now left to become the leader of his fathers tribe but the tribe did not want this mere boy to be their leader since he was to young so his tribe excelled khan's family hoping that without protection and food they would die. How ever Khan's family was able to survive in the wilderness and Genghis Khan grew stronger and bigger and took control of his family.

His half brother stole a fish from his basket khan reacted in a barbaric manner by killing his half brother with a sharp arrow, his mother did not take this nicely but she taught the young man and his brothers that the stronger they are together the harder it will be to break them. She showed them this by bounding five arrows together and asking them to break them, they could not.

He was the man of the family and was granted responsibility and leader ship at a young age. The clan realised this and feared him, they attempted to capture and kill him but he got away, he was only sixteen and was able to out muscle some of their men. He took himself as a man from then...