The ghost in the graveyard.

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Once upon a time a very beautiful girl lived, with her old granny, in a tiny cottage beside Killeavy Old Church.

In the past people had different ideas of beauty from those we have today. A girl was thought to be a beauty if she had a big, broad back - fit to pull a plough, or to carry two buckets of water.

Well this girl had a big broad back and aroused passion in the breasts of all the boys in the neighbourhood, one of whom described her as, "Tall enough to eat hay out of a loft, and strong enough to pull turf like a donkey", which was high praise indeed.

The boys chased the girl in vain. She was simply not interested. "I am strong enough to look after myself and my old granny," she said. "Why should I bother with a man. If I'd a man I'd just have an extra set of socks to wash!"

Each Saturday night she went to the ceili house beside the graveyard.

There she danced and sang all night, enjoyed the "crack," then took a short cut home by climbing over a hole in the wall around the graveyard and along the back of the church, down the side of the graveyard, out through the gate and home.

Her friends often asked, "Aren't you frightened a ghost will get you?" but the girl simply laughed and said, "It'll take a brave ghost to get me! Anyway I don't believe in ghosts!"

Every Saturday night one of the boys would ask if he could see her home and the girl would reply, "Thank you very much, but sure I only live on the other side of the graveyard. It's not worth taking you out of your way. It's only a short...