Ghost of the League of Nations.

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The League of Nations was created with the aim of linking up the world and making it a peaceful place, but there was a massive amount of problems that caused it to the road of failure, but why was is it doomed to fail?

The primary factor that caused the League of Nations to fail was its leading countries. Thomas Woodrow Wilson, the president of America at the time was the one that brought up the idea of League of Nations, but they didn't even join the League because the Americans didn't want to take care of businesses of other countries and a large amount of German-Americans rejected the idea of it. Without America's membership, England and France had the most power of controlling the League of Nations, and the problems of the two countries were the biggest factors that caused League of Nations to fail: England and France were not trusted by other countries for factors such as being imperialists (having colonies all over the world) or having secret meetings with each other; they were really weak after WWI and had to organize their own country; and they were really selfish and would often disagree with each other.

The factors above caused serious problems for League of Nations; the weak England and France had insufficient funds and armies after WWI, making the League of Nations lose the ability of supporting its agencies and the ability of controlling problems by military action, and the two country's untrustworthiness made countries disobey them later on (such as Japan or Italy). Besides England and France, Italy and Japan were also important members of the League of Nations, but the geographical location of Japan made their chances of meeting each other decrease (except for England and France) to only...