"Ghost Ship" A Halloween creative writing story.

Essay by ccmustangs2001 November 2003

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Ghost Ship

When the cruise ship left the dock, I felt incredibly relieved. I'd been running from Mean Cody for about two weeks, and I thought for sure that now he was gone for good. I went to the ballroom for a drink and while I was standing there I saw a dress lying on the floor. I recognized it as a dress Mean Cody gave to my fiancé. Before I could get closer, it lifted itself up, and rapped around my face tightly. I desperately attempted to take it off but was unable to. I was barely able to peek through the thin cloth. At that moment the juke box in the ballroom started playing, "It's A Small World After All," Mean Cody's favorite song.

My body went numb all over as my heart began to beat rapidly. I felt hot beads of sweat roll down my face.

I started running, not knowing where. Within seconds, I tripped violently over the chandelier, which was hanging on the floor, and not on the ceiling.

I heard a cruel laugh, then Mean Cody's voice rang out, "Run all you want, amuse me."

I got to my feet as quickly as possible, and somehow I ran through the door, as if there were no door there, and into the hallway.

As I ran down the hall I heard his voice crying out from all the walls, "Why don't we play a dangerous game of hide-and-seek?! I'll give you the privilege of hiding first. I'll count to 100, and then I'll come and find you."

At that moment I fell down some stairs. At the bottom I heard a muffled mumble. The thing that was mumbling grabbed me and picked me up. I felt a head, completely wrapped in cloth, and...