Ghost Sonata

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In Ghost Sonata, the world is turned upside down. It creates an ambiance by repeating various themes. This play had taken a different route than the standard developing story through descriptions of characters and a linear plot. The theme of The Ghost Sonata mainly relate to secrets, illusions, and the disappointments and tragedies of life. It is the exposure of these terrible details of the characters past lives that form the action of the play.

The Ghost Sonata does not take place in the real world-meaning not a world most people would recognize as a reality. The characters in this play speak, move and act as if they are part of a dream (or a nightmare as the writer wants you to believe). One character sees glimpses of the future, another embodies tragedies from the past. There are ghosts and vampires in the play as well.

There are many motifs in this play that set a background for future themes.

Age/youth, guilt/innocence, beauty/grotesque horror, sin/redemption, and love/death are many of the contrasting ideas that go on in this play. I might not have understood the play the way others did. What I got from the play was that a takeoff of fun legends turned into the opposite of happy fairytales. What would be foreshadowed, in a typical fairytale, was immediately cut down and the exact opposite occurred.

I think that the message of this play is that "happily ever after" is not real. Reality is not love, friendship, honor, and triumph. Reality should be considered loss, death, fear, and negative emotion. In a sick way, this play makes you reconsider what genuine practicality is.