Ghost Story :An Analysis Of "A Rose For Emily"

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Ghost Story The short story "A Rose for Emily,"� by William Faulkner, is a very predictable ghost story. Three things that make this story so predictable are: the haunted house setting, the creepy old woman, and the disappearing fiancé.

The haunted house setting used in "A Rose for Emily"� is a classic idea used by many writers and movie directors. The old house in the middle of a field begins to set the tone that people avoid this place as much as possible. Then Faulkner throws in over grown weeds and a decaying old look to show the reader that this house has its own secrets to hide. With only the setting, even the most casual reader can tell that this story is going to have a bizarre or even morbid ending. Throughout the tale Faulkner also gives small details of the inside of the house such as dusty and moldy furniture.

The second thing that makes this a predictable ghost story is the protagonist Miss Emily. She is a creepy old woman who people know little about. She stays secluded from society and hides herself and most of her home from the public eye. In the beginning of the story you get the impression that she is just a crazy old woman, but you soon realize that she is hiding something from everyone. Also, Miss Emily's attitude towards the public is very standard of most ghost stories. She is very cranky and shows no respect to others. The reader gets an image of an old withered woman who has a bow in her back and walks with a cane.

The final additive that makes such a predictable ghost story is the missing fiancé. The reader is told early in the story that Miss Emily...