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Ghost Story

As a professor of seven years, I have heard many-a-tale, and been a fierce sceptic of such stories. However, when one experiences such things first-hand, he can truly appreciate the pain one goes through to get others to believe them. So I ask you to look upon this with an open mind, unclouded by others who will undoubtedly dismiss my story.

I find it hard myself to believe how things have come full-circle. However, I can respect and appreciate an individual's scepticism towards my tale.

T'was two days after summer solstice, June 23 I believe, when these curious occurrences started. I was returning to my office, coming back from an employee conference, when I heard footsteps behind me, in the corridor. The place was all but empty and this surprised me a little, so I turned around slowly to look. At that very same moment, the footsteps stopped, and nobody was anywhere to be seen.

I continued walking, listening carefully and after a few seconds, the footsteps predictably restarted. However in this instance, the steps sounded almost with purpose, as if they were deliberately stomped to make as much noise as possible. Worried, I turned and retraced my steps backwards, treading carefully, and breathing as quietly as humanly possible when one secretly wants to heavily pant for breath. The horrific images of the arson attack two years ago, and the now infamous murder in the grounds of the building little over 9 months ago were fresh in my mind. I reached the beginning of the corridor, a spot well known for not having seen natural light for years. Surrounded by the somewhat claustrophobic darkness, I slowly turned my head left, shaking.

'You're not worried are you Edward?' came the voice, with intermittent fits of laughter in between. I...