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Many people do not believe in ghosts. I myself thought that if you did believe in them that you were crazy. Let me tell you about this place, and you may not believe in ghosts but I was pretty scared.

August twenty third two thousand one. My buddy Tim Stroyne took me to this building that his dad bought for five hundred thousand dollars. When we got there all I saw was a group of old abandoned buildings. They were black, the windows were all broken out, the roof was missing, and many spots in the floor were huge holes. We walked into the first floor hallway of the old Mental Hospital. Most of the walls were covered with grafitti that kids had vandalized. Loud bangs on doors and breaking glass rattled us the whole time, but I was not really scared. This place was huge. The halls looked like they went on fro endless miles.

We finally reached the end of the frist hall and proceeded on up to the second floor. When I entered the first hallway I noticed that there were dolls, puzzle pieces, silverware, old newspapers, and many other things that we could not identify. He took me into a patients bedroom which still had a closet, dressor, and cupboard. we checked all three and found very dirty identification cards from former security guards of the hospital. I was very interested in what other items I was goin to find. It was getting dark and late and i asked him when we were going to leave. He said he needs to show me one last room. When I stepped into the room it honestly felt like we were being watched. In this room was two white tables that had been used to drain the blood of patients that disobeyed orders. This was some of form of execution. Of course this is what he told me. I decided it was time to leave. As we were leaving footsteps following us were heard thw whole time. We started running but we honestly could not remember how we got in. Finally we got to the first fllor and again and just jumped out of one of the broken windows. We walked down the dark alley got in his truck and he drove me home.

I really bet you are wondering which mental hospital I was in. The name of it is Dixmont and it is on sixty five right befoe the exit into Emsworth. Yous really can't miss it. Well I hope you had a good time hearing about the place of my choice even though it is not a happy place.